An amazing lunch at Lake Breeze Vineyards


Stopped in at couple wineries on our way north towards Naramata, but lunch at Lake Breeze vineyard was the perfect stop as we indulged in a lunch worthy of any world class winery.

We started with the fresh spring green vegetable soup that was balanced, refreshing, and the epitome of early summer.  Went wonderfully with the 2010 Pinot Blanc from Lake Breeze.

We shared an antipasto platter that was loaded with different charcuterie, cheeses, marinated vegetables, olives, and tomato bocconcini basil skewers.

The decadence of the gruyere cheese omelette stacked with braised duck and grilled leeks was the perfect comfort food as we endured drops of rain on this warm early summer day.

The arugula salad tossed with dungeness crab and shitake mushrooms in a smoked tomato and bacon vinaigrette almost felt healthy and balance off an amazing lunch.

High recommendations to anyone traveling the Naramata route an wanting an incredible lunch.

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