Fathers Day lunch at Terrafina Restaurant

House smoked pastrami was piled into a fresh foccacia bun and topped with a fennelkraut (sourkraut made with fennel instead of cabbabe) and a little fresh mozzarella.  I think my Dad had it for lunch the following day as well.

Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Prosciutto and Mushrooms Pizza topped with some micro greens.  Great flavour, great crust.  I recommend sharing a pizza so you can also explore a few of the other menu items, but don’t miss out on this classic dish.

We dived right into the antipasto platter we ordered before I had a chance to grab a photo.  Knowing that they prepare some of their own charcuterie we lucked out as the team had just finished preparing some duck bacon that was divine.

Smoked trout sandwich with a little avocado, cucumber, pea shoots, and lemon caper aioli.  Healthy never tasted so good.  Some call it salmon, some call it trout, but if you have not discovered Lois Lake Steelhead, you are missing out on the best tasting omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid food item on the market.  Its a farmed fish, but when you can get David Suzuki to sign off on it, you know they are doing things differently and consciously.  The point of this tangent is that you have a deep fresh water lake and fish from naturally cold waters, you have an abundance of delicious fats that act like antifreeze yet taste like heaven.  I buy the fish whole at Granville Island ($4-6/lb cheaper than sockeye) so that I can carve off the belly meat.  I take a super hot grill (BBQ) and with some salt and pepper grill the belly meat skin side down until it is barely cooked.  The fat will run off and flare up so keep your open alcohol away while cooking.  One taste of this belly meat and you might start to understand fois gras.  This fish will melt in your mouth.  I will put a quick video showing you how easy it is to prepare, it is absolute decadence.

Back to our lunch, if you haven’t experienced Terrafina Restaurant located at Hester Creek Winery, find a sunny day, settle in with a great bottle of local wine and explore a great menu, you won’t be disappointed.

Terrafina at Hester Creek Winery on Urbanspoon


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