Edible Canada – How to impress the future in-laws!

The in-laws came to town and we needed to impress as we broke the news of our elopement versus big wedding.  We wanted some great local foods to calm our nerves and impressively distract them from our conversation.

They exceeded our expectations as we started with some baby greens, beet chips, green beans, and quails egg tossed in a bacon vinaigrette.  Pefect with our Bella Bubbles.

Next up was a local scallop ceviche.  Now I have made quite a few ceviches in my time and what made this one exciting was not only the way Chef layered flavours with the use of fennel root and a combination of citrus juices, but that he intensified the flavours by making citrus powders like lemon and grapefruit and added that back into the ceviche to give it a real punch.  This was pure summer comfort food.

Sorry for the low light in the pictures but third course was totally impressive as we all went quiet enjoying the braised Elk shoulder. Slow cooked for hours, this meltingly tender Elk should was unctuous, soulful, and completely perfect.  Finished withe a red wine demi and garnished with house smoked cherry tomatoes the Road 13 Rockpile red wine (Syrah dominant) was a perfect match.

We finished our meal with a desert platter that consisted of an array of delectables such as a curried pecan tart, bacon and chocolate butter crunch, stewed rhubarb with chantilly cream and sliced apple, and a chocolate espresso creme brûlée.

It was truly an impressive feast that not only impressed but helped the in-laws accept our elopement.


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