Kitchen Staple fresh from the Garden

Burnt chive or scallion oil is a “must have” in any kitchen.  I keep a staple of it in the pantry and use it on a variety of applications from salad dressings to soup garnishes to sautéing vegetables or noodles.

Very simple to make.  Heat up a simple flavoured oil like canola or sunflower until it just starts to smoke.  Take off the heat and place in a safe area like your sink.  This will spit and splatter and if you add the chopped chives too quickly the oil will over flow from the pot.  Use a pot twice the size the volume of oil to help insulate the splatter.  I like to cut the chives or scallions into half inch pieces as they will not burn too quickly than smaller pieces and allow for a good long infusion.  I also like to add a small piece of anchovy and whole garlic cloves to the chives or scallions for a touch more complexity in the oil.

Once the chives or scallions are dark brown, just turning to black, you can strain off the solids, cool, and your good to go.

I find scallions give off the most pungent flavour, but chives do work well.

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